In SyntheticaFX a RootPane is essential to support dialogs, internal frames, validation, root layers and window decoration. Therefore RootPane always has to be the root Node of your Scene. In most cases creating a RootPane is required for the primary stage only. By using the Frame or Dialog classes of SyntheticaFX, the related Scene and the RootPane instances will be created under the hood.
Scene scene = new Scene(new RootPane(stage, createContentPane()));
A RootPane can have a title pane for the window controls and a content pane for your UI-content i.e. forms. Window decoration is styleable by CSS. In the screenshots below a customized smaller title pane with right aligned title text and modified close icon is used for the palette window. window.

The tile pane layout is based on FXML and can be easily customized with the SceneBuilder tool. The resulting FXML file will be bound to a style class through the related CSS property. A special pseudo class can be used to support different layouts for different operation systems.

For creating a RootPane with native window decoration the related constructor has to be used. In the example below native window decoration is enabled for the primary stage. The static methods Frame#setNativeDecorationEnabled(true) and Dialog#setNativeDecorationEnabled(true) enable native window decroation for all Frame and Dialog instances.

new SyntheticaFXStandard().init();
Scene scene = new Scene(new RootPane(primaryStage, createContentPane(), true, true), 600, 400);

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