SyntheticaFX Themes

SyntheticaFX comes along with some different themes. Themes known from Synthetica for Swing will be ported to JavaFX. However, currently not all themes are available but it's planned to increase the number of themes for future releases. Generally each theme is provided in a separate library and can't be used without the core library syntheticafx.jar. The naming convention for theme libraries is syntheticaFX[themeName]. So syntheticaFXStandard.jar stands for the Synthetica Standard theme and syntheticaFXModena.jar for the Modena theme.

SyntheticaFXModena provides extensions for the basic JavaFX/Modena theme. These are required to fully support SyntheticaFX components like dialogs, internal frames, window decoration, validation and more.

A theme can be instantiated directly or by calling SyntheticaFX#init(String) with theme class name as parameter. SyntheticaFX#getVersion() provides some version info of the theme. SyntheticaFX#getSyntheticaFXVersion() returns the SyntheticaFX core version.

public class Demo extends Application {
  public void start(Stage primaryStage){
    // instantiation by class name
    SyntheticaFX theme = SyntheticaFX.init("syntheticafx.theme.standard.SyntheticaFXStandard");
    // direct instantiation
    //SyntheticaFX theme = new SyntheticaFXStandard().init();
    //SyntheticaFX theme = new SyntheticaFXModena().init();

Theme examples

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