is a Look and Feel for Swing and is based on Synth which is part of the Java Platform version 1.5. Synthetica provides many different looks through Themes for the core components of Swing with rounded borders, shadowed popup menus and nice icons. Moreover it enables you to modify existing Themes and to create your own look and feel only by editing a XML-based configuration file - you don't have to write complex Java-GUI-Code.

Synthetica comes along with an extended FileChooser to support file operations like cut, copy, delete with multithreaded capabilities. All file-views are sortable. Once Synthetica is your active LAF, the JFileChooser component supports all the mentioned features.

Synthetica - the Enterprise Look and Feel


Below you find all enhancements of Synthetica compared to Synth (Java 1.5).
  • High-Resolution/HiDpi support (V3).
  • UI-scaling support (V3).
  • Many predefined "ready to use" Look and Feels (Themes) available.
  • Create complete look and feels without programming.
  • Mixed styles support - multiple styles for a single component class.
  • Style binding support by component name and client property "".
  • Animation support.
  • Focus support for scrollpanes and text components.
  • Customize existing Themes through additional XML-files.
  • Window-decoration support.
  • Window translucency and shape support.
  • Window snap support at the screen edges.
  • Header shadow support to clearly distinguish between header and content visually.
  • Borderless window decoration support.
  • Font scaling support.
  • Support for translucent popups to allow drop shadow and other transparent effects.
  • Blured popupmenu support.
  • Icon separator support for popup menus.
  • Indent correction for popup menus.
  • Extended filechooser to support file operations (properties, cut, copy, paste, delete) and a sortable details view.
  • Compatibility mode to support applications based on traditional LAFs.
  • Drop shadow support for window titles.
  • Background-image support for text components.
  • Nice icons for option-dialogs and JFileChooser.
  • Configurable FilechooserUI (store preferences, use system icons).
  • Complete "Mouse Over" support for Checkboxes, Radiobuttons, Tabs, TitlePane Buttons...
  • Separate style for toolbar buttons.
  • Auto-sized toolbar-separators.
  • Support for titled borders.
  • Support for small buttons and arrows (by separate images).
  • Support for horizontal and vertical scrollbar-tracks.
  • Support for horizontal and vertical progressbar background.
  • Support for scrollbar-grip images.
  • Support for horizontal and vertical arrow buttons (also background).
  • Support for different arrows (selected, disabled) in conjunction with submenus.
  • Support for translucent and opaque TitlePaneButtons.
  • Support for separate background colors of non-editable text components.
  • Support for background-images of button-labels (to increase readability).
  • Support for translucent top-level menus.
  • Support for continuous and 'block' progressbars.
  • Support for different types of treelines (none, solid, dashed) for JTree.
  • Support for horizontal and vertical toolbar-separator images.
  • Support for backgroundimage-pattern for desktop panes.
  • Support for setting custom icons for internal frames.
  • Separate tabs in consideration of the border location for the JTabbedPane component.
  • Layout correction for east/west toolbars.
  • Support for default button follows focus.
  • ToggleButton, Checkbox, Radiobutton can be selected by keyboard (space).
  • Support for MAC specific copy, cut and paste shortcut keys.
  • Java 6-21 compliant.