V3.4.2, 06/28/2022 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • ProgressBar - setting a null border is now supported
Fixed bugs
  • Inconsitent menu/toolbar colors when native window decoration is enabled - Plain/Dark theme only.

V2.33.2, 06/27/2022 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • Multi selection with the command key does not work properly on OSX - Java 8 only

V3.4.1, 02/03/2022 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • InternalFrame - new UI-property to disable the system menu - see customization
  • ProgressBar - added #isBorderPainted() support
  • Reduced library size
Fixed bugs
  • Splitpane divider gripper disappears and some border artifacts can appear if SyntheticaScaling is enabled (on certain scale factors, Plain/Dark theme only)
  • If translucency for disabled icons is enabled ('Synthetica.translucency4DisabledIcons.enabled') and a custom icon is set, the custom icon does not appear
  • Dark theme - wrong background color while dragging a table column, when a table is placed within a splitpane

V2.33.1, 02/02/2021 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • When translucency for disabled icons is enabled ("Synthetica.translucency4DisabledIcons.enabled") changing a custom icon does not work
  • Multi selection with the command key does not work properly on OSX
  • Dark theme - wrong background color while dragging a table column, when a table is placed within a splitpane

V3.4.0, 05/17/2021 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved coloring support for controls including blend mode support - see Understand Synthetica background colors
  • Improved multi-screen suppport (Java 11, 15 or higher required)
  • Improved popup shadow support on Linux
  • MenuItem - improved MenuItem-UI to support solid background colors
  • ComboBox - new UI-property "Synthetica.comboBox.defaultPrototypeDisplayValue" to set a default value - see customization
  • ProgressBar - new client property to a specify solid text color independent from foreground/background "Synthetica.progressBar.textColor" - see customization
  • ProgressBarPainter - new method to support border only painting
  • ScrollBar - new UI propery to support minimum thumb size "Synthetica.scrollBar.minimumThumbSize" - see customization
  • ToolBar - improved drag window paint support, new UI propery to support minimum height/width "Synthetica.toolBar.minimumSize" - see customization
  • ScalableIcon - new UI-properties to disable image and icon cache "Synthetica.scalableIcon.iconCache.enabled", "Synthetica.scalableIcon.imageCache.enabled" - see customization
  • JavaVersion class - new method to get main version as integer value
  • SyntheticaSimple2D theme - improved background color support for controls and updated look
  • Updated themes - SyntheticaAluOxide, SyntheticaBlackEye, SyntheticaBlackMoon, SyntheticaBlackStar, SyntheticaBlueIce, SyntheticaBlueLight, SyntheticaBlueMoon, SyntheticaClassy, SyntheticaDark, SyntheticaGreenDream, SyntheticaPlain, SyntheticaSilverMoon, SyntheticaSimple2D, SyntheticaSkyMetallic, SyntheticaStandard, SyntheticaWhiteVision
  • Cleanup - removed focusInputMap workaround which was required for Java 5
Fixed bugs
  • Slider - slider track mark isn't completely painted when the slider thumb isn't visible
  • ArrowButton and ComboBox can ignore styles under some rare XML settings
  • On some themes the spinner height can differ if the model is set later (means not in constructor)

V2.33.0, 05/17/2021 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improveld alpha value support for background colors
  • Improved multi-screen suppport (Java 11, 15 or higher required)
  • JavaVersion class - new method to get main version as integer value
  • SyntheticaDark theme - backport of V3 theme
  • Cleanup - removed focusInputMap workaround which was required for Java 5
Fixed bugs
  • Slider - slider track mark isn't completely painted when the slider thumb isn't visible
  • ArrowButton and ComboBox can ignore styles under some rare XML settings
  • On some themes the spinner height can differ if the model is set later (means not in constructor)

V3.3.1, 01/30/2020 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • CCE in RootPanePainter when running NetBeans 11 with Synthetica
  • NPE in SyntheticaRootPaneUI under some rare circumstances
  • Key shortcut Ctrl+Win+Left/Right-Arrow is already used on Windows 10 for virtual desktops and should not be used by Synthetica's snap feature

V2.32.1, 01/30/2020 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • Key shortcut Ctrl+Win+Left/Right-Arrow is already used on Windows 10 for virtual desktops and should not be used by Synthetica's snap feature

V3.3.0, 08/08/2019 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Custom title pane support for root pane
  • Updated Plain/Dark Themes
  • Improved default table cell renderer
  • Updated API Doc
  • Optional workaround for JTable sort bug (JDK-6592461/JSK-6625663) - see customization
  • New UI-property to disable SwingX delegates by default (Synthetica.installSwingXUIs) - see customization
Fixed bugs
  • Some artifacts can appear if scale factor exceeds 100% (Plain/Dark theme only)
  • JFrame snap feature - NPE on Windows for frames without any frame decoration (JRootPane.NONE)
  • Very rare NPE in AnimationThreadFactory
  • NPE on SplitPaneDivider in conjunction with third perty controls from JIDE

V2.32.0, 08/08/2019 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Optional workaround for JTable sort bug (JDK-6592461/JSK-6625663) - see customization
  • New UI-property to disable SwingX delegates by default (Synthetica.installSwingXUIs) - see customization
Fixed bugs
  • JFrame snap feature - NPE on Windows for frames without any frame decoration (JRootPane.NONE)
  • Very rare NPE in AnimationThreadFactory
  • NPE on SplitPaneDivider in conjunction with third perty controls from JIDE

V3.2.0/V2.31.1, 10/10/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Java 11 support
Fixed bugs
  • Custom text color for selected menu items is not applied

V3.1.1, 06/06/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved HiDpi support for frame icons
  • Improved background color fill for disabled text controls
  • Improved default button state support
Fixed bugs
  • FileChooser displays strechted icons in directory ComboBox
  • Custom table header font/style does not appear
  • Custom font loading fails when defined as XML
  • Pressed style for scrollbars does not appear
  • Window snap feature does not work under some circumstances
  • Scaling of scroll bar grip and split pane grip is not antialiased

V2.31.0, 04/17/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New UI-property to partially fill progress bar text - see customization
  • New UI-property to not use the ScreenMenuBar and display the menu within the application window - see customization
  • Improved background color fill for disabled text controls
Fixed bugs
  • ToolTips - Graphical artifacts on OSX with medium-weight popups
  • Table header font can not be customized by a custom renderer
  • Window Snap feature not working on some Linux platforms
  • NPE in ExtKeyEventProcessor under some rare circumstances

V3.1.0, 02/07/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
V3.0.0, 11/30/2017 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • High-Resolution support
  • Scalability support
  • JPMS support
  • New dark theme - equivalent to SyntheticaPlain theme
  • Java 9 support

V2.30.0, 09/29/2017 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Java 9 support.
  • New UI-property "Synthetica.rootPane.fullScreenOnMaximizeMacOnly.enabled" to enable full screen mode on Mac when maximize button is pressed - see customization.
Fixed bugs
  • A maximized window can be restored by mouse drag even if drag was not initiated within the title pane.

V2.20.3, 02/28/2017 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New layout style INLINEMENU_LEADING for title panels - see also Window Decoration, Part 7.
  • Improved font style support for buttons.
Fixed bugs
  • On Linux a modal dialog can be overlapped from another dialog - implemented workaround prevents this behavior.
  • Implemented a workaround for issue JDK-8146283 - contact support on how to activate the workaround.
  • Window maximize/restore issue in conjunction with WinMetaKey under some rare circumstances.

V2.20.2, 11/30/2016 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • FileChooser - improved customizablity and error handling on renaming files or directories.
  • Updated themes to support focused/disabled state for buttons.
Fixed bugs
  • ColorChooser workaround for issue JDK-8152419.
  • IllegalArgumentException in LinearGradientPaint under some rare circumstances.

V2.20.1, 03/17/2016 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New UI-property to disable restore feature when a maximized window is dragged - see customization.
Fixed bugs
  • Depending on the used theme table row height is incorrect if font scaling is enabled.
  • Sometimes NPE on Windows 10 while dragging a frame from one screen to another screen with a different resolution.
  • Reactivated workaround for bug JDK-8146276.
  • Menubar does not appear when menus will be created dynamically and INLINEMENU or SECONDARYMENU style is used to display the menubar within the window title pane.
  • FileChooser - when a directory is preselected it appears in edit mode (Java 7/8 only).
  • Exception in conjuction with the window snap feature on systems with non-supported translucency.
  • NPE in MenuItemStyle under some very rare circumstances.
  • Updated Classy and AluOxide theme to support custom background color when native window decoration is enabled.

V2.20.0, 07/07/2015 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New modern/flat styled theme called SyntheticaPlainLookAndFeel.
  • Window snap functionality - enables you to resize windows by dragging them to the screen edges.
  • Animation support for rootpane, toolbar and menubar backgrounds.
  • Header shadow support to clearly distinguish between header and content visually - see customization.
  • Borderless window decoration support.
  • Selected state support for collapsed/expanded JTree icons.
  • Support to specify a different foreground color for non-editable text fields - see customization.
  • Improved Mnemonics/Alt-key support for dialog buttons on Windows to respect MS-guidelines.
  • Improved window resize handling - press CRTL-key on resize to reduce the window size below the minimum size.
  • Improved ToolBar painter to support inactive window state - see customization.
  • Improved button focus painting implementation to simplify customization.
  • Improved file chooser - if a directory is specified, the last used directory will not be restored automatically.
  • Updated themes AluOxide, Classy.
Fixed bugs
  • A custom button foreground color does not appear on hover state when a different default foreground is already defined (depends on the used theme).
  • BlackEye theme - drop line color (DND) is black by default and hard to recognize.
  • FileChooser - on Windows an invalid path appears for pseudo folders in directory only mode.
  • On OSX 10.10.4 the screen menu bar can't be activated any longer.

V2.19.1, 09/09/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • Deadlock under some rare circumstances with animated themes on Java 8 only.
  • NPE when popup robot is disabled - Java 7 only.

V2.19.0, 05/08/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New title pane layout style to display the menu within the title pane - see customization.
  • Hover support for text components.
  • Support to paint an additional background across all toplevel menus - see customization.
  • Support for selected/hovered menu item icons.
  • Improved styling support for frames and dialogs - default style name support for frames and dialogs. See customization.
  • Improved support for non-opaque popup menus - see customization.
  • New, optional layout manager for JSpinner with improved preferred size support.
  • New UI-property to support background image tiling for popup menu separators - see customization.
  • Locale support for Spain.
  • Updated themes AluOxide, BlackEye, Classy, WhiteVision.
  • Java 8 compliant - of course still compliant to Java 5/6/7.
Fixed bugs
  • CCE when a custom ComboBox renderer is used together with the AluOxide or BlueLight theme under rare circumstances - depends on how the custom renderer is build.
  • NPE when window decoration style is set to a JRootPane dialog decoration style.
  • RootPane - LiveDrag/LiveResize can't be disabled because of a typo in the UI-property.
  • When the menu is displayed within the title pane of the window decoration the window buttons can become unaccessible on resize operations.

V2.18.0, 11/28/2013 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved style support for dialogs - a default dialog style can be defined (different to regular frame). See customization.
  • Improved painter support for option panels.
  • Improved customization support for key bindings of text components.
  • New UI-property to display MAC specific characters for accelerator keys. See customization.
  • New UI-property to enable a rectangle view while moving a window. See customization.
  • New UI-property to enable a rectangle view while resizing a window. See customization.
  • New UI-property to enable support for dynamic menu items. See customization.
  • New UI-property to specify the default viewport background color for the JavaHelp content. See customization.
  • New UI-properties to display a single line of text at the bottom of a frame - useful to mark special environments e.g. testing. See customization.
  • New UI-property to specify the desktop icon size (iconified internal frame). See customization.
  • New UI-property to specify horizontal/vertical button alignment. See customization.
  • Updated themes: SyntheticaAluOxide, SyntheticaBlueLight
Fixed bugs
  • PopupMenu icon separator isn't properly placed for icons with less then 16 pixel.
  • Custom background color for internal frame content pane doesn't appear if no child component is added and frame is selected/focused (Synth issue).
  • FileChooser - wrong indent for 'Recent' entry in directory combobox on Windows with Java 7 and above.

V2.17.1, 06/27/2013 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Updated themes: AluOxide, BlueLight, Classy, BlackEye, Simple2D.
  • Modified TableCellRenderer alternate row rendering logic (from odd to even) for being Java7 conform.
Fixed bugs
  • JSlider - under some circumstances the slider track mark isn't completely painted while dragging the slider knob (AluOxide and Classy theme only).
  • IllegalArgumentException for TitledBorder on very large panels - only AluOxide, Classy, BlackEye, Simple2D.
  • Predefined UI-properties get lost on look and feel change.
  • A CCE can occur for certain popup menus provided by third parties.

V2.17.0, 03/07/2013 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New theme SyntheticaBlueLight.
  • Fade-In support for popup menus.
  • Panel background painter support for active and inactive windows.
  • Selected state support for JTree node icons.
  • TitledBorder painter supports content fill.
  • Improved hover support for scrollbars.
  • Improved support for horizontal popup menus.
  • WinKey support to restore maximized windows by shortcut WinKey+VK_DOWN.
  • FileChooser - newly created directory entries will be selected.
  • JTabbedPane - new UI-property to specify size for scroll buttons. See customization.
  • Updated themes - SyntheticaAluOxide, SyntheticaClassy, SyntheticaSimple2D.
Fixed bugs
  • Foreground color on mouse over for toplevel menus is not correct for some themes when window is inactive.
  • ComboBox list entry size issue for null values with SyntheticaAluOxide, SyntheticaClassy, SyntheticaSimple2D.

V2.16.2, 12/21/2012 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • Deadlock under some circumstances with animated themes and JRE's below 6u11 caused by Swing bug #6784816.
  • Memoryleak for named windows when non-native frame decoration is enabled.
  • Added workaround to avoid Access Bridge NPE in conjunction with non-native window decoration.

V2.16.1, 10/30/2012 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Added system property support "synthetica.font" and "synthetica.fontsize".
  • New client property for JMenuItem ("Synthetica.menuItem[.hover].arrowIcon") to set an additional icon - i.e. as indicator for an event.
Fixed bugs
  • NPE on Windows with Java7 and shaped themes when look and feel is set via system property -Dswing.defaultlaf.
  • The splitpane divider isn't properly centered when divider size is changed dynamically.
  • JTabbedPane - IndexOutOfArrayException in conjunction with GridBagLayout.
  • NetBeans combobox renderer are not properly displayed with some themes (NetBeans issue).
  • ToolTips background isn't translucent on Mac OSX (Java7u9 issue, heavyweight tooltips only).
  • Webstart throws AccessControlException under some cirumstances (Java 7 only).

V2.16.0, 09/18/2012 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Window shape support for Mac OSX (Java7u8 and above only).
  • Mac specific key-bindings are now customizable.
  • New JPopupMenu UI-property to respect toplevel menu width and max. icon width - by default the minimum popup menu width is as large as the toplevel menu width. See customization.
  • New method to clear painter cache manually.
  • Added JTabbedPane#setBackgroundAt(index) support.
  • Updated themes: AluOxide, BlackEye, Classy, Simple2D.
Fixed bugs
  • Icon separator for popup menus isn't scaled when large icons will be used.
  • Slider focus isn't properly painted for some themes (BlackEye, Classy, AluOxide).
  • NPE for disabled JX/JYTable when disabled icon property is set.
  • Scroll pane corner component position is not correct under some rare circumstances (customized themes).
  • Negative array exception on print job with Java2D based theme.
  • High CPU utilization under some rare circumstances in conjunction with toolbars.
  • White border around tooltips on Mac with Java7u8.
  • Menubar background is not painted when native window decoration is active - AluOxide and Classy theme only.

V2.15.0, 04/30/2012 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New theme SyntheticaAluOxide.
  • New frame header layout to support a user component within the title panel.
  • Java 7 support for Mac OSX.
  • Improved focus state support.
  • Improved opacity setting for components.
  • Improved control to handle custom colored text components.
  • Added corner painter support for ScrollPanes. See customization.
  • JComboBox - added "opened" state support. See customization.
  • JTabbedPane - new UI-property to horizontally flip tabbedPane appearance in RTL mode - useful to support asymmetric tabs. See customization.
  • JTable - improved default scrollPane border setting. See customization.
  • JPopupMenu - new UI-property to preserve icon space. See customization.
  • JFileChooser - improved list cell renderer (respects default renderer), added F2 key binding to rename files.
  • JMenu - hover style support for top level menus.
  • JButton, JToggleButton, JCheckBox, JRadioButton - new UI-properties to specify default icon text gap.
  • JList, JTable - hover style support for rows.
  • TitledBorderPainter - improved insets handling.
  • Updated SyntheticaClassy theme (fine tuning) and Simple2D theme.
Fixed bugs
  • FileChooser doesn't respect root directory settings of a custom FileSystemView.
  • NPE in ToolTipManager under some very rare circumstances in conjunction with JTabbedPane.
  • ToolTip transparency disappears under some circumstances - Simple2D theme only.

V2.14.2, 01/17/2012 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved popoup menu separator customization.
Fixed bugs
  • CCE in conjunction with Nimbus and SyntheticaAddons.
  • DirectoryChooser - #setCurrentDirectory() does not work on WindowsXP.

V2.14.1, 11/25/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • NPE under very rare circumstances in conjunction with multi threading since V2.14.0.

V2.14.0, 11/08/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Style name support by client property "".
  • Custom window shape support.
  • Improved customization for title panes.
  • Improved large icon support for menu items.
  • New UI-property to enable/disable style name support - see customization.
  • Added UI-property 'ToolTip.background' support.
  • Window close item in system menu will be disabled when close button becomes disabled or invisible.
  • Updated themes.
Fixed bugs
  • Vertical window title position is wrong under some rare cirumstances, when using custom title insets.
  • ComboBox repaint issue with customized themes under some very rare circumstances.
  • JSpinner - wrong arrow button location in RTL mode for some themes.
  • The 'menu activation by alt key' feature can't be disabled.
  • Performance lack on very large, focused text components.

V2.13.0, 07/11/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Style support for toplevel popup menus including marker icons - see customization.
  • Added support to center text for menu elements - see customization.
  • Added support to customize JTable/JTree/JList drop line colors.
  • FileChooser - added column alpha channel support for sorted table view.
  • Large icon support for menu items.
  • Improved UI-property support for JTree.
  • Improved SyntheticaClassy theme performance.
  • Updated themes.
  • Java7 compliant.
Fixed bugs
  • Memory leak for dynamic toolBar components under some circumstances.
  • Icons for toplevel menus are not properly aligned.
  • Minor calcuation error for JPopupMenu width.
  • ToolTip shadow on Mac is painted too dark for heavyweight tooltips.
  • JFileChooser - file selection by keys doesn't properly work in list mode under some circumstances.
  • JFileChooser - wrong sort arrow direction for date/size.
  • JRadio/JCheckBoxMenuItem - wrong text location when used out of the JPopupMenu context.
  • On some Linux distributions moving windows is bumpy.

V2.12.1, 03/04/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved font scaling feature to respect custom fonts.
  • Colorizable table header cells.
  • Updated themes: SyntheticaClassy, Simple2D and BlackEye.
Fixed bugs
  • NPE in conjunction with compound borders when inner or outer border is null.
  • NPE in Classy theme under some rare circumstances.
  • CCE in conjunction with JRootPane border under some very rare circumstances.
  • A popup window can disappear when translucency is globally enabled.

V2.12.0, 02/11/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New theme called SyntheticaClassyLookAndFeel.
  • System DPI setting support on Windows and Linux/Gnome.
  • Font scale factor support to globally increase/decrease font size - see customization.
  • Focus aware cell renderer support.
  • Improved XML loading mechanism and performance.
  • Improved menu item UI-delegates.
  • Improved cell renderer insets handling for TableHeader.
  • Updated all themes - increased window resize area to improve usability, increased table cell insets.
  • To simplify action handling, displaying ToolTips for JMenu and JMenuItem is disabled by default - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify window resize insets - see customization.
  • New UI-properties to improve menu item customization - see customization.
  • New UI-property to enable progressbar painting for very small values - see customization.
Fixed bugs
  • Mnemonics for JCheckMoxMenuItem and JRadioButtonMenuItem always appear on Windows - independent from Alt-key settings.
  • NPE when null text is set for JRadioButton and JCheckBox.

V2.11.3, 12/28/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Updated Simple2D theme.
Fixed bugs
  • JMenu/JMenuItem - #getFont() returns null on Java6u23.
  • Exception when running on a EA debug JVM.

V2.11.2, 12/12/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Updated Simple2D and BlackEye theme.
Fixed bugs
  • JMenu/JMenuItem - layout is broken with Java6u23 (Swing issue, Bug 6961223).
  • JFileChooser - file-textfield is cleared when a FileFilter is selected.
  • ClassCastExepion on LAF-switching under rare circumstances.
  • Some text field key-bindings on Mac do not work properly.

V2.11.1, 10/27/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved focus appearance for JCheckBox and JRadioButton components.
  • Added UI-property support for "MenuItem.acceleratorDelimiter".
  • Updated Simple2D, GreenDream, BlackStar theme.
Fixed bugs
  • JTree - when used in a ScrollPane with a custom background color the area isn't filled completely (Synth issue).

V2.11.0, 09/30/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved Alt-key support on Windows to respect MS-guidelines.
  • Improved default table renderer to simplify delegate renderer usage.
  • Improved renderer and editor support for JXTables.
  • Improved table renderer customization for selected rows - customization.
  • New UI-properties to specify default table renderers - customization.
  • New UI-property to control color caching of Synthetica's default table cell renderer - customization.
  • New UI-property to set Synthetica's default table number cell editor locale sensitive - customization.
  • New system property "synthetica.window.respectMaximumYPos" to avoid users from dragging a window behind the (bottom) task bar.
  • Improved JavaHelp support (modifying JavaHelp CSS-file is no longer needed to avoid scrolling repaint artifacts).
  • Updated themes: BlackEye, Simple2D, BlueMoon, BlackMoon, SilverMoon, BlueSteel, BlueIce, BlackStar, GreenDream.
Fixed bugs
  • Wrong comboBox size in conjunction with third party themes under some very rare circumstances.
  • Simple2D comboBox renderer bug in conjunction with SyntheticaComboBoxUI.
  • Stackoverflow under some rare circumstances in conjunction with parentless dialogs when dialog icon UI-property is enabled.
  • Wrong text color in QuaquaFileChooser with BlackEye-Theme on Mac.

V2.10.1, 06/14/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved opacity support for content panel.
  • Updated Simple2D theme.
Fixed bugs
  • For some SyntheticaAddons components font style is bold instead of plain.

V2.10.0, 05/31/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Added support to display menu bar within the window title pane - see customization.
  • Complete maximized support for translucent windows.
  • Improved table paint performance - up to 30%.
  • Improved key binding support for MAC.
  • New option to improve pressed state appearance for JCheckBox and JRadioButtons - see customization.
  • Ability to embed your preferred font resource (TTF) into a theme - see customization.
  • Improved painting support for (selected) cell renderers (List, Table, Tree, ComboBox).
  • Improved background painting support for table headers - see customization.
  • Improved tabbed pane painter to support more complex styles.
  • Improved drop shadow support for window titles.
  • Improved styling support for indeterminate progress bars by new UI-properties - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify window title font size - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify font size for toplevel menus - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify default toolBar opacity - see customization.
  • New UI-properties to specify custom table sort icons - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify a custom border for table header cells - see customization.
  • Updated Simple2D and BlackEye theme.
Fixed bugs
  • NPE in Synthetica's BooleanTableCellRenderer if no default cell renderer exists.
  • SynthUI ClassNotFoundException in Java 7.
  • XML file not found exception under some rare circumstances.
  • LogoRenderer isn't properly rendered for Simple2D theme.
  • High CPU-utilization for tables when the BlackEye theme is used.
  • Rotated progressbar text for indeterminate progressbars appears twice (Java 6 only).

V2.9.2, 03/01/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved background color support for components.
  • JFileChooser - France locale support.
  • JTabbedPane - New UI-property to improve content border gap customization.
  • Added support for UI-property "Button.showMnemonics".
Fixed bugs
  • The one-touch buttons of a JSplitPane are not properly centered if a border is set - only a few themes affected.
  • JTable - Default Boolean-TableCellRenderer doesn't paint focus and alternating row background (Synth issue).
  • JSpinner - Arithmetic exception if minimum and maximum values are equal.
  • Under some circumstances the frame position slightly changes while resizing.

V2.9.1, 11/30/2009 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved pressed state support for JRadioButton and JCheckbox.
Fixed bugs
  • Custom table background color doesn't appear in viewport if #setFillsViewportHeight() is set to true (Synth issue - also affects JXTable, JXTreeTable).
  • Drag and Drop Support on MAC doesn't work properly when Meta key support is enabled.

V2.9.0, 10/09/2009 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New, dark theme - Synthetica BlackEye.
  • Shaped window support for Java6u10 and above.
  • Shaped and translucent window support on MAC (Java 1.5 and Java6).
  • Outer focus support for components.
  • Fading focus support.
  • Accessible/extensible fileChooser popup menu.
  • Smart background image support for JPanels - see customization.
  • Improved support for multiple XML config files.
  • New client properties to support colorizing of JTabbedPane tabs - "[tabIndex].background", "[tabIndex].background.alpha"
  • Synthetica provides now an additional DefaultTableCellRenderer and DefaultTableCellEditor to support proper cell highlighting for increased table cell insets.
  • New UI-property to specify a custom DefaultTableCellRenderer - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify a custom DefaultTreeCellRenderer, "Synthetica.tree.defaultCellRenderer.className" - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify a custom DefaultListCellRenderer, "Synthetica.list.defaultCellRenderer.className" - see customization.
  • New UI-property to use translucent icons as disabled icons, "Synthetica.translucency4DisabledIcons.enabled" - see customization.
  • Improved Meta key support for multi row selection on Mac.
  • Improved support for derived popup menus.
  • Added support for addititional UI-properties "Label.disabledForeground", "Button.disabledForeground"...
  • Support of system property "synthetica.window.respectMinimumYPos" to avoid moving windows out of the screen or above top system bar/tray (especially on MAC).
  • Updated themes.
Fixed bugs
  • In filechooser filename editing in table mode by double-clicking isn't doable (Java 6 only).
  • If DIRECTORIES_ONLY mode is used in JFileChooser the passed path doesn't appear in the file name field.
  • An application flicker can appear when Java6u14 is used and a heavyweight popup will be closed.
  • Under some rare circumstances a focusable popup ca be overlapped by Systemtray.
  • Customized focus for ButtonBar buttons isn't respected.
  • Parser exception with turkish locale (Swing issue) - Synthetica#setLookAndFeel(String className) implements a workaround.
  • Performance of Java2D based themes (like Simple2D) possibly slows down in mulitscreen environments or if internal frames will be used.

V2.8.3, 03/11/2009 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • Table and List cell focus border won't get painted - Java6u10 or above only (Swing issue).

V2.8.2, 02/09/2009 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Additonal key bindings for details (table) view in FileChooser.
  • Updated Themes: BlueSteel, BlueMoon, BlackMoon, SilverMoon, BlueIce, GreenDream, BlackStar.
Fixed bugs
  • Wrong border color for disabled JSpinner (some themes only).
  • Customized border insets of JRootPane can cause unexpected results.
  • User setting of divider size (JSplitPane) isn't respected.
  • ScrollBarPainter can cause NPE under some rare cirumstances.
  • Minor artifacts for tabbedPane tabs can appear - Standard look and feel only.
  • InternalFrame: User setting of title foreground color isn't respected.

V2.8.1, 12/30/2008 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved titled border support for non-rectangular ScrollPanes.
  • Added text foreground support for additional toplevel menu styles.
  • Optional DesktopManager to improve drag performance of JInternalFrames with shadowed border.
  • New UI-property to disable the remember last directory feature of JFileChooser because of Bug 6744953 - see customization.
Fixed bugs
  • SliderPainter throws NPE if JSlider min and max values are equal.
  • For themes with blurred and translucent popup menus the background painting falls back to non-blurred mode if window opacity will be disabled.
  • Print dialog throws NPE on Ubuntu OS under some circumstances.
  • JTabbedPane tab foreground color can't be set programmatically by #setForegroundAt(index, color) - Synth issue.
  • JTabbedPane - tab area background isn't completely filled if scroll layout policy is set (WhiteVision only).
  • Slider thumb disappears while dragging - WhiteVision theme with Java6u10.
  • ClassCastException with JIDE-SplitButton under some circumstances.
  • NPE for ScrollPanes without a view for cache enabled themes like Simple2D LAF.
  • UI-property "TableHeader.cellBorder" isn't respected (Java6u10 issue).

V2.8.0, 11/10/2008 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New theme called SyntheticaSimple2DLookAndFeel.
  • SyntheticaBatik library to support Java2D based Synthetica themes on Java 1.5.
  • Improved translucency support for ComboBox, Spinner and TextComponents.
  • Improved border support for ComboBox, Spinner and TextComponents.
  • Transparent window support for Java6u10 - see customization.
  • Improved RTL component orientation support.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • FileChooser now supports file selection by pressing char sequence within file view pane.
  • Improved windows feel by ALT-key support for menu activation - see customization.
  • Added support for TextComponents and ComboBox coloring by client property "Synthetica.background".
  • New UI-property to override minimum window size - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify titlepane title insets - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify list background color for fileChooser combo boxes - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify border color for combobox popups - see customization.
  • Updated SyntheticaBlueIce theme.
Fixed bugs
  • Expanded splitpane with centered (one touch expandable) buttons becomes resized when frame is resized.
  • Customized DefaultCellRenderer for comboBoxes isn't applied for comboBoxes with empty constructor.
  • Synthetica#setFont(...) doesn't respect titled borders.
  • FileChooser: Language specific filename characters (like german umlauts) won't get respected while sorting.
  • EDT-Violation within FileChooser.
  • NPE for scrollable tabbed pane without tabs.
  • TabbedPane tab foreground color isn't respected for additional defined tabbed pane styles.
  • JInternalFrame frame icon height is restricted to 14 pixels (Java 1.5 issue).
  • Added workaround for Java 6u10 issue #6688138 (

V2.7.2, 06/17/2008
New features
  • Improved support for JIDE components (use latest JIDE release V2.2.8).
  • Support for selected buttons.
  • Added support for UI-property "Slider.tickColor".
  • Added support for UI-property "Button.foreground".
  • Added support for UI-property "MenuItem.foreground".
  • Updated themes.
For JIDE customers
  • Please use the latest Synthetica (V2.7.2 or above) and JIDE (V2.2.8 or above) release and don't forget to update all your Synthetica themes!
  • For proper work the latest SyntheticaAddons (V0.9.7 or above) package is also needed.
Fixed bugs
  • Table header grid does not appear on Java 6u10 beta.
  • ComboBox layout bug in conjunction with box layout and some third party LAFs.

V2.7.1, 05/31/2008
New features
  • Enhanced logo renderer.
  • Improved SyntheticaLookAndFeel#setAntiAliasEnabled to force anti aliasing on Java 6.
Fixed bugs
  • Decreased paint performance for some themes - especially in conjunction with internal frames.
  • Exception when file chooser is used within an applet (Java 6 related issue).
  • Table header does not respect cellBorder UI-property.

V2.7.0, 05/28/2008
New features
  • Support for logo rendering within the title pane and menu bar area through the rootPane client property "Synthetica.logoRenderer" - see FAQ #39.
  • Prepared for Java2D painter support (Java2D theme template coming soon).
  • Enhanced painters for better support of third party components - like JIDE.
  • Support for translucent toolbars (useful for nested toolbars).
  • Improved FileChooser performance. New UI-property to disable sorting - see customization.
  • Screen menu bar support on Mac-OSX 10.5 (Leopard) - see FAQ #37.
  • Quaqua filechooser support on Mac-OSX when Quaqua filechooser library is found on the classpath.
  • Possibility to specify your own default comboBox cell renderer - see customization.
  • Possibility to specify your own default table editor - see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify default table header text alignment - see customization.
  • New UI-property to enable dynamic viewport background (same a view) - see customization.
  • New, optional scrollpane layout mananger to modify scrollbar position - see customization.
  • New, optional layout manager for comboBoxes to modify arrow button resize behaviour- see customization.
  • New UI-property to specify insets for combobox popups (useful for a modified popup border)- see customization.
  • Added support to customize default preferred size of progress bars - see customization.
  • Added new UI-properties to modify font and position for titled border - see customization.
  • Added an UI-property to disable animation - see customization.
  • New properties to specify table row/colum margin and default border - see customization.
  • New UI-Manager property for JTabbedPane to disable tab rotating for selected tab - see customization.
  • New UI-Manager property for JTabbedPane to allow tab stretching across the complete width - see customization.
  • All themes have been updated.
Fixed bugs
  • Tooltip text for disabled components is painted with disabled text color.
  • File chooser returns wrong directory name in directory only mode when selected directory has been opened.
  • Menu text overlaps accelerator text if icon is set (Java 6 related issue).
  • JTabbedPane tab area background doesn't completely appear if a border is set.
  • Default TableHeader insets doesn't appear with Java 6.
  • Separators won't respect border size if a custom border is set.
  • NPE within Netbeans (6.0) Options/Identation dialog.

V2.6.0, 11/28/2007
New features
  • Added audio support ("AuditoryCues.allAuditoryCues", "AuditoryCues.defaultCueList").
  • Added toolBar handle support - see customization.
  • Support for displaying sortable table arrows (Java 6).
  • Added JDialog#setIconImage support (Java 6).
  • Added support for the "OptionPane.buttonPadding" UI-property.
  • New clientProperty "Synthetica.titlePane.enabled" can be used to disable the titlePanel of a window.
  • Colorizing support for JSeparators through clientProperty "Synthetica.background".
  • ExtendedFileChooser now supports the clientProperty "", which can be used to set a string id with a maximum of 7 characters. This enables you to control for which filechoosers a different set of preferences will be stored. Same id or no id means share preferences across all fileChoosers within an application.
  • Improved file chooser - right mouse click also selects a file item; improved preselection of files and additional UI-properties for dialog icon customization - see customization.
  • Improved windows feel - double click on a menu button closes a window (only on Windows OS).
  • New UI-Manager property to specify destination insets of the JSpinner border-image. Can be used to disable JSpinner border painting within cells - see customization.
  • New UI-Manager property to specify destination insets of the JComboBox border-image. Can be used to disable JComboBox border painting within cells - see customization.
  • New Component client property "Synthetica.tabbedPane.keepChildrenOpacity" to keep opacity of child components, because Synthetica possibly modifies opacity of components added to a JTabbedPane tab.
  • All themes have been updated.
Fixed bugs
  • Wrong frame bounds for maximized windows in multiscreen environments with enabled monitor adjustment.
  • ToolBar button appearance stays even if the button is placed within a container.
  • JInternalFrame: "..." appears instead of the title under some cirumstances.
  • JInternalFrame: Resize cursor stays when popup menu will be opened.
  • JScrollBar: ScrollBar animation appears even if no scrollBar thumb is visible.
  • JSpinner: Focus is painted even if JSpinner focusable is set to 'false'.
  • ExtendedFileChooser: Floppy drive will be accessed with W2k OS under some rare circumstances.
  • ExtendedFileChooser: An exception occurs when a removeable drive will be removed.

V2.5.1, 09/04/2007
New features
  • New theme called SyntheticaWhiteVision Look and Feel (animated).
  • Enhanced background image support for tabArea (JTabbedPane) - see customization.
  • Mouse over and pressed state support for comboBoxes and spinner including animation - see customization.
  • Animation support for RadioButtons and Checkboxes - see customization.
  • Animation and enhanced hover/pressed support for sliders (track, thumb) - see customization.
  • Text background image support for progressbars - see customization.
  • Progressbar background support for active/inactive progressbars including animation - see customization.
  • Button area painting support for frame buttons - see customization.
  • Window inactive state support for toplevel menus - see customization.
  • Window inactive state support for rootPane/titlePane buttons.
  • Centered title support for rootPane/titlePane and internalFrame/titlePane.
  • Pressed button state support for rootPane/titlePane and internalFrame/titlePane.
  • Gap support for rootPane/titlePane buttons - see customization.
  • Mouse over support for scrollBarTrack including animation - see customization.
  • Pressed state support for scrollBarThumbs - see customization.
  • Hover and pressed state support for scrollBarThumbGrip - see customization.
  • Font style/size support for ToolBar buttons - see customization.
  • New UI-properties to disable focus painting on textComponents/scrollPanes - see customization.
  • Additional UI-properties for FileChooser icons to represent disabled/pressed state - see customization.
  • Support of the UI-property "Button.defaultButtonFollowsFocus".
  • Support for MAC specific titlePane layout - see customization.
  • Support for MAC specific select all shortcut key.
Fixed bugs
  • High CPU utilization under some circumstances (only V2.5.0).
  • Extended FileChooser: Exception when dialog will be closed with Java SE 5u12.
  • Repaint bug for animations on scrollable tabbedPane.
  • Extended FileChooser: NPE in conjunction with preselected temporary file.
  • JMenuItems: Text indent correction for Radio/CheckBox MenuItems with icons on Java 6.
  • JToolTip: ClassCastException under some rare circumstances.

V2.4.0, 05/11/2007
New features Fixed bugs
  • JProgressBar: Text isn't painted for indeterminate progressBars (Synth issue).
  • JSeparator: ClassCastException when used in a JComboBox.
  • When app is started in unresizeable, maximized mode, resizing is possible through system menu.
  • On MAC systems a window can be moved underneath the fixed OS menuBar so the window titlepane and menubar will become inaccessible.

V2.3.0, 03/03/2007
New features
  • New theme called SyntheticaMauveMetallic Look and Feel (animated).
  • Support for blurred (and translucent) PopupMenus (see customization).
  • Animation support for ToolTips (see customization).
  • Support for MAC specific copy, cut and paste shortcut keys.
  • Improved configuration for title drop-shadows (see customization).
  • Insets correction for ComboBoxes with formatted textfield renderer.
  • Improved UIManager property defaults support (e.g: "ComboBox.font" is now supported).
  • OrangeMetallic Look and Feel library file size shrinked (40% smaller).
  • Updated BlackStar Look and Feel to resolve some issues in conjunction with SyntheticaAddons.
Fixed bugs
  • Customization of default TableHeaderRenderer border is not possible (Swing issue #6469640).
  • JSpinner: ToolTip only appears when mouse is over the border (only Java5).
  • On some themes the hover effect applies to disabled top level menus.
  • Wrong menu indent correction for popupMenus with OrangeMetallic Look and Feel on Java 5 under rare circumstances.

V2.2.0, 1/1/2007
New features
  • New theme called SyntheticaOrangeMetallic Look and Feel (animated).
  • Animation support for buttons, menuItems, scrollBars, progressBars, tabbedPaneTabs and focus.
  • Icon separator support for popup menus.
  • Focus support for scrollpanes and text components.
  • Backgroundimage support for text components.
  • Better indent correction for popup menus.
  • About 50% smaller library file size.
  • Added 'enter' key support for the FileChooser filename field.
  • Updated themes (optimized BlueMoon theme).
  • Some refactorings.
Fixed bugs
  • Wrong splitpaneDivider arrowButton location for some themes when orientation is changed.
  • JComboBox, JSpinner: Setting background color in non-opaque mode does not completely appear.
  • Wrong painting of window title when panels default font is in plain style (instead of bold).
  • Wrong textcolor for selected and disabled Radio-, CheckBox-MenuItems (only with Java SE 6).
  • Disabled default button is painted in enabled state.
  • Exception when internalFrame is iconified and title length is smaller than 4 chars.
  • FileChooser: When switching from a multi screen environment to single screen the fileChooser does not appear under some circumstances

V2.1.0, 10/20/2006
New features
  • Mixed styles - enhanced customizing through 'named default properties'. This feature enables you to specify specific styles for named components (see FAQ 16).
  • Additional defaults properties for compatibility issues with JIDE components.
  • New defaults property "Synthetica.font.disabled" to disable Syntheticas default font completely or for specific components by appending the components name (see customization, FAQ 18).
  • New defaults properties for JTabbedPane customization (see customization).
  • New defaults properties for RootPane customization (see customization).
  • New defaults properties for MenuBar customization (see customization).
  • Added UIManager support for tableHeader defaults.
  • FileChooser: Better support for escape keystrokes.
  • Support for additional SyntheticaAddons components (DirectoryChooser, AboutDialog, DetailsDialog).
Fixed bugs
  • Custom TreeCellRenderer changes to DefaultTreeCellRenderer when Look and Feel is switched.
  • No border appears for non editable textfields when "Synthetica.opaque" is set to FALSE.
  • Applications which do not use JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE won't get closed immediately.
  • FileChooser: Control button panel disappears under some very rare circumstances.
  • NPE when FileChooser is in read only mode.
  • NPE when decoration stlye for dialogs was changed e.g: dialog.getRootPane().setWindowDecorationStyle(JRootPane.FRAME)
  • CheckBox, RadioButton - the pressed state isn't handled in conjunction with selected and unselected states.
  • ArrowButtons arrow pressed state does not appear with Java SE 6.

V2.0.1, 06/08/2006
New features
  • Better support for multiscreen environments.
Fixed bugs
  • Maximized window disappears when window is maximized on an additional screen (multiscreen environment).
  • When using Windows2000/XP and the taskbar is configured for "auto hide" the taskbar won't appear when the window state is maximized and the mouse will be moved to the border of the screen.
  • NPE in conjunction with SwingUtilities#updateComponentTreeUI under some circumstances.

V2.0.0, 05/31/2006
New features
  • New theme called SyntheticaBlueSteel Look and Feel.
  • Support for SyntheticaAddons components (and thereby SwingX).
  • Changed license model - non commercial applications are granted to use Synthetica (including themes) for free.
  • Improved color support for text components (no pixel fragments on dark backgrounds).
  • Support for left/right placed icons on a tabbed pane tab.
  • Support for bold selected tabs.
  • Nonselected tab insets support.
  • Support of JButton#setContentAreaFilled.
  • Better LAF switching support at runtime.
  • Full Java SE 6 compliant.
  • TitlePanes can now be disabled by UIManager key "<WindowSimpleClassName>.titlePane.enabled".
Fixed bugs
  • While resizing of JInternalFrame the parent JFrame is cleared to background color - appears only after LAF switching.
  • When a background color is set for none-opaque panels the background will be painted anyway.
  • Filechooser: Customized button text can become truncated.
  • JButton#setContentAreaFilled is not supported.
  • Double shadow border for popups under Mac OSX when application gets started via WebStart.
  • Frame icons defined within synth.xml won't appear in the taskbar.
  • JTextPane: No cursor appears on empty textpanes for JVM > V1.5.04.
  • TextComponents: Light pixels appear on the edges when using a dark parent background.
  • JInternalFrame and Java SE 6: TitlePanes are to large - wrong button borders.
  • Window and Dialog titles beginning with "W" will be painted blurred.
  • Wrong maximized button state when calling JFrame#setExtendedState(JFrame.MAXIMIZED_BOTH) before #setVisible().
Synth file changes (synth.xml):
  • Section TextField
    • Added entry within subsection state: <color value="#FFFFFF" type="BACKGROUND"/>
    • Added entry within subsection state value="DISABLED": <painter method="textFieldBackground" idref="syntheticaPainter" />
  • Section FormattedTextField
    • Added entry within subsection state: <color value="#FFFFFF" type="BACKGROUND"/>
    • Added entry within subsection state value="DISABLED": <painter method="formattedTextFieldBackground" idref="syntheticaPainter" />
  • Section PasswordField
    • Added entry within subsection state: <color value="#FFFFFF" type="BACKGROUND"/>
    • Added entry within subsection state value="DISABLED": <painter method="passwordFieldBackground" idref="syntheticaPainter" />
  • Section ComboBox
    • Added entry within subsection state: <color value="#FFFFFF" type="BACKGROUND"/>
  • Section Spinner
    • Added entry within subsection state: <painter method="spinnerBackground" idref="syntheticaPainter" />
    • Added entry within subsection state value="DISABLED": <painter method="spinnerBackground" idref="syntheticaPainter" />
  • Section TextArea
    • Added entry within subsection state: <color value="#FFFFFF" type="BACKGROUND"/>
    • Added entry within subsection state value="DISABLED": <painter method="textAreaBackground" idref="syntheticaPainter" />
  • Section TextPane
    • Added entry within subsection state: <color value="#FFFFFF" type="BACKGROUND"/>
    • Added entry within subsection state value="DISABLED": <painter method="textPaneBackground" idref="syntheticaPainter" />
  • Section EditorPane
    • Added entry within subsection state: <color value="#FFFFFF" type="BACKGROUND"/>
    • Added entry within subsection state value="DISABLED": <painter method="editorPaneBackground" idref="syntheticaPainter" />
  • Section DesktopPane
    • Added entry within subsection state: <opaque value="true" />
  • Section InternalFrameTitlePane
    1. Changed entry within subsection state: <insets top="2" left="2" bottom="2" right="2"/>
    2. New entry within subsection state value="SELECTED": <color type="TEXT_FOREGROUND" value="#FFFFFF"/>
    3. New entries behind <bind style="internalFrameTitlePane" type="region" key="InternalFrameTitlePane"/>:
      <style id="internalFrameMenuButton">
        <insets top="0" left="0" bottom="0" right="0"/>
      <bind style="internalFrameMenuButton" type="name" key="InternalFrameTitlePane.menuButton"/>
      <style id="internalFrameIconifyButton">
        <insets top="0" left="0" bottom="0" right="0"/>
      <bind style="internalFrameIconifyButton" type="name" key="InternalFrameTitlePane.iconifyButton"/>
      <style id="internalFrameMaximizeButton">
        <insets top="0" left="0" bottom="0" right="0"/>
      <bind style="internalFrameMaximizeButton" type="name" key="InternalFrameTitlePane.maximizeButton"/>
      <style id="internalFrameCloseButton">
        <insets top="0" left="0" bottom="0" right="0"/>
      <bind style="internalFrameCloseButton" type="name" key="InternalFrameTitlePane.closeButton"/>

V1.4.0, 02/09/2006
New features
  • New theme called SyntheticaBlackMoon Look and Feel.
  • Support for SyntheticaComponents DropDownButtonUI.
  • Filechooser: Find and select files where the first character matches pressed key - for list and table view.
  • Filechooser: Accessory support.
  • Support for JPanel#setBackgroundColor.
  • New UIManager key to disable 16x16 scaling of the menubutton image.
  • Better support for UIManager defaults.
Fixed bugs
  • Customized background color for JList changes to white after selecting items.
  • Maximize button stays enabled for non-resizable windows.
  • Filechooser: Exception for list view with Mustang.
  • JInternalFrame: Disabled iconify, maximize or close button causes a NPE.
  • JInternalFrame: ClassCastException when a menubar is set.

V1.3.0, 12/15/2005
New features
  • New theme called SyntheticaBlueMoon Look and Feel.
  • Support for opaque toolBars - usefull for toolbars which does not fill complete frame width and no toolbar background should appear.
  • PopupMenu support for mixed components - does not appear behind heavy components.
  • New UIManager key to enable button borders for the FileChooser component "Synthetica.extendedFileChooser.actionButtons.paintBorder".
  • New UIManager key to enable button borders for pressed ToolBar-Buttons "Synthetica.toolBar.button.pressed.paintBorder".
  • Added UIManager support for some tabbedPane defaults.
  • Added a DefaultTableCellRenderer for the Icon class.
Fixed bugs
  • None-resizeable frame can not be moved.
  • Filechooser combobox cannot scrolled with arrow keys.
  • Filechooser does not recognize unwriteable directories.
  • Selected and focused checkboxes/radiobuttons will be painted as unselected with Java SE 6.
  • Background for a custom tableCellRenderer including a checkBox does not appear.
  • Border for non opaque comboboxes won't get painted / selected element does not appear.
  • Popup menus for applications on OSX started via Webstart does not appear.
  • Memory Leak for dynamic components.

V1.2.0, 11/10/2005
New features
  • New theme called SyntheticaSilverMoon Look and Feel.
  • A separate menuBar background image for inactive windows can now be specified.
  • Support for centered one touch buttons of splitpane.
  • Support for colorized, opaqued tabbed pane for the selected tabbedPane.
  • New property "Synthetica.rootPane.titlePane.background.verticalTiled" to disable vertical stretching for titlePane background images.
  • Added UIManager support for table defaults.
  • Some refactorings.
Fixed bugs
  • ImagePainter: Wrong stretching for some stretched/tiled combinations.
  • TabbedPanePainter: One pixel with wrong color for right border tabs when removeDoubleBorder property was set.
  • TabbedPanePainter: IndexOutOfBoundsException in some cases when tabIndex is -1.
  • IllegalArgumentException for internal frames without title and enabled dropShadow.
  • JFileChooser#setControlButtonsAreShown() does not work.

V1.1.0, 10/02/2005
New features
  • Additional theme called SyntheticaBlueIce - completely free for licensees.
  • Drop shadow support for window titles.
  • A backgroundimage-pattern for the desktop pane can now be specified.
  • Support for background-image of non-editable textcomponents.
  • Support for textPanes.
  • A background-image for button-labels can be specified (to increase readability).
  • Added orientation support for progressBarBackground.
  • The width for JSpinner arrowButtons can now be specified.
  • Improved performance for JTabbedPane hover effect.
  • Added UIManager support for list defaults.
  • Antialias text can now be enabled through xml configuration file.
  • Some refactorings.
Fixed bugs
  • TreeIcons (treeCellRenderer) won't get restored when switching laf.
  • Background will be painted for translucent text components.
  • JInternalFrame: Title color for selected frames is not used.
  • JTabbedPane: A selected tabIndex of -1 leads to an IndexOutOfBoundsException.
  • JInternalFrame: #setFrameIcon is ignored (a Synth issue).
  • FileChooser: Exception for apps where title is longer than 57 characters.
  • NPE for scrollpane without a component.

V1.0.0, 09/01/2005
New features
  • External xml files can now be used to customize existing lafs.
  • Additional theme called SyntheticaBlackStar - completely free for licensees.
  • Support for Java SE 6 aka Mustang.
  • Full support for MAC OS X (10.4 and above).
  • XML-file refactorings.
  • Refactorings for all painters and TitledPaneBorder.
  • Added selection border for listcells.
  • Added focus for non-editable comboboxes.
  • FileChooser: Added OptionPane stop icon for file delete dialog.
  • FileChooser: FilePanes background color is now the same as table background color.
  • Changed default to use a brighter color for table grids.
  • TabbedPane border will be now broken only for the selected tab.
  • Hover effect for buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons, scrollbars, menus, tabs, titlePane buttons, toolBar buttons, arrow buttons, sliders.
  • Added support for custom checkboxes (JCheckBox#setIcon).
  • Added support for custom radioButtons (JRadioButton#setIcon).
  • Added orientation support for scrollBarTrack.
  • JTree-, JOptionPane- and JInternalPane-Icons are now available through UIManager.
  • Changed scrollBarTrack background.
  • Changed splitPane divider UI.
  • Changed gardient for selected tabbedPane tab.
  • Changed gardient for left/right placed tabbedPane tabs.
Fixed bugs
  • TreeIcons (open, closed, leaf) appear even though they are set to null.
  • Key actions for default button won't get recognized.
  • Custom application icon does not appear at frame title pane.
  • Corner pixels of borders will be painted with wrong color for opaque components.
  • Mustang: Wrong menuItem indents.
  • Mustang: Some borders won't appear.
  • Default button follows focus (Synth issue).
  • ToggleButtons, RadioButtons and CheckBoxes are not selectable by space (Synth issue).
  • Selected and disabled JRadioButtonMenuItems and JCheckBoxMenuItems will be painted as unselected (Synth issue ID#6238826).
  • FileChooser: Filename field remains empty although a file was selected via JFileChooser#setSelectedFile.
  • FileChooser: Sometimes index out of array exception when opening FileChooser.
  • No border is painted for tables without TableHeader.
  • SetBackground is ignored for non-editable TextFields.
  • Separators won't get painted.

V0.9.9, 07/22/2005
New features
  • Improved performance.
  • Support for decorated windows.
  • Workaround to avoid hiding Taskbar for maximized decorated windows (Swing lack).
  • ImagePainter supports combined vertical/horizontal stretched/tiled painting.
  • Support for "block-progressbars".
  • Support for translucent popup menus.
  • Support for translucent titlePane buttons.
  • Configurable titlePane buttons with/without button borders.
Fixed bugs
  • Toolbar buttons margin alters when switching application font.
  • Fixed #setBackground issue for TextFields.
  • Sometimes a short flicker appears for popupMenu drop shadows.
  • Filechooser sometimes appears on wrong place
  • NPE on MAC OSX when popup will appear.
  • A small shape appears when a title pane button is pressed.
  • Mouse cursor sometimes does not change after resizing a decorated window (Metal issue).

V0.9.8, 06/22/2005
New features
  • Paint toolBar buttons with or without border is now configurable.
  • Added support for toolBar margin.
  • Added support for different types of treelines (none, solid, dashed).
  • Added selection border for treecells.
  • Added compatibility mode for system defaultProperties and some other defaults (enabled by default).
  • Added support for translucent toplevel menus.
  • Added support for ToolBarSeparator-Images to offer more flexibility.
  • Added properties dialog for the extended FileChooser.
Fixed bugs
  • Very small progressbars are painted wrong.
  • ToolBar grows when being dragged.
  • Box fillers (glue/strut) not supported for ToolBars.
  • Exception when using a titledBorder with a null title.
  • Wrong title color of titledBorders for decorated borders i.e. etched border.
  • White lines under and above PopupMenuSeparators after switching LAF back to metal
  • Wrong button margins after switching LAF from Synthetica back to another
  • Translucent menus after switching LAF from Synthetica back to another
  • Wrong toolbar separator dimension after switching LAF from Synthetica back to another

V0.9.7, 06/08/2005
New features
  • Added focus support for sliders.
  • SplitPaneDivider grip is now an image (offers more flexibility).
  • ScrollBar grip is now an image (offers more flexibility).
  • FileChooser: Pressing delete key is now supported.
  • FileChooser: Remember preferences (screen location, window size, view, sort type, sort order, last directory).
  • FileChooser: Method to disable remember preferences functionality.
  • FileChooser: Better sort performance.
  • FileChooser: Group sort order by directories/files.
  • Simplified insets for TabbedPane.
  • Added a double border correction param for TabbedPaneTabs.
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed wrong border painting (insets) for TabbedPane.
  • FileChooser: TableView - TableHeader makes use of LAF defaults.
  • FileChooser: Wrong label text for save button.
  • FileChooser: Set ToolTipText for listViewButton and detailsViewButton.

V0.9.6, 05/30/2005
New features
  • Added method to switch between extended and regular FileChooser.
  • FileChooser: Added cut, copy, delete capabilities.
  • FileChooser: Multithreaded support for file-operations.
  • FileChooser: Configurable dialogs for file-operations.
  • FileChooser: Sortable views.
  • FileChooser: Language support German/English.
  • Changed look for enabled progressbar.

V0.9.5, 05/13/2005
New features
  • FileChooser: Native icons for directoryComboBox and filePane using FileSystemView.
  • FileChooser: Larger default directoryComboBox and filePane.
  • FileChooser: Doubleclick on a already selected file or directory does not edit but open file or change directory.
  • Polished dialog icons.
  • Removed hardcoded insets - all image insets backed in xml file.

V0.9.4, 04/27/2005
New features
  • Gradient adjustment for selected tabs.
Fixed bugs
  • Table row height does not fit for larger fonts.

V0.9.3, 04/24/2005
New features
  • Modified icons for internal frames.
  • Different frame colors for selected/unselected internal frames.
  • Removed method for blocking LAF switch.
Fixed bugs
  • Wrong JTree row height - especially for larger fonts.

V0.9.2, 04/22/2005
New features
  • Automatic detection of ToolBarSeparator height for more flexiblity. Disabled if size is set manually.
  • Additional look for buttons, smaller or equal 12x12 pixel.
  • Added grey arrow for disabled menus.
  • New gradient for title panel of internal frames.
  • Style wrapper refactorings.
Fixed bugs
  • Invalid hover and disabled font-color for html-styled menus and menuItems.
  • NullPointerException for titledBorders with a null outsideBorder
  • ClassCastException for custom TreeCellRenderers

V0.9.1, 04/18/2005
New features
  • New method to set default font and fontsize.
  • New method to enable anti-alias for text components.
  • New method to set toolbar separator dimension to support buttons greater or smaller then 24x24.
Fixed bugs
  • Wrong background color for scrollPanes.
  • Wrong size for imageButtons on toolbar with a margin set.
  • Title of JInternalFrame not centered vertical for larger fonts.
  • Some refactorings.

V0.9.0, 04/13/2005
New features
  • Popup Shadow support for heavyweight containers.
  • New ToolTip Look including support for heavyweight containers.
Fixed bugs
  • Removed experimental FileChooser class.

V0.8.3, 04/05/2005
New features
  • First official pre release.
  • Polished icons.
  • New look for tabs (no space between tabs).
Fixed bugs
  • Some minor bugs in ButtonPainter and ScrollPanePainter.

V0.8.0, 03/22/2005
New features
  • First pre release.