provides additional components, UI-delegates and painters for Swing, the SwingX project, NetBeans and for JIDE components. The provided components are either completely build from the scratch or based on SwingX. Each component comes along with its own look for all available Synthetica Themes.

SyntheticaAddons - Component Library for Swing


Below you find a list of all supported components. SyntheticaAddons provides UI-delegates for all components of the SwingX project - depending on the component additional functionality has been added.
  • AboutDialog (Screenshots)
    A simple about dialog including system informations.
  • CheckBox (Screenshots)
    A tristate checkBox including a half-selected state support.
  • CheckBoxList (Screenshots)
    A CheckBoxList with selectable checkBox items.
  • CheckBoxTree (Screenshots)
    A CheckBoxTree with selectable checkBox nodes.
  • ComboBox (Screenshots)
    A comboBox which provides a resizable and customizable popup window - JYComboBox.
  • DateComboBox (Screenshots)
    A real comboBox with a calendar popup based on SwingX/JXMonthView.
  • DetailsDialog (Screenshots)
    A simple dialog including a button for detailed informations. Useful to handle exceptions.
  • DirectoryChooser (Screenshots)
    A chooser for directories with fileoperation support like copy, delete, create.
  • Docking (Screenshots)
    A complete docking framework - JYDocking.
  • DropDownButton (Screenshots)
    A button including an arrow button with popup menu.
  • FileChooser (Screenshots)
    An extended file chooser to open/save files with sorting, copy, cut, paste, delete, and properties capabilities.
  • Header (Screenshots)
    A special panel with title, description and icon based on SwingX/JXHeader.
  • Hyperlink (Screenshots)
    A Hyperlink button which looks like a Webbrowser link, with support of a visual 'clicked' state. SwingX/JXHyperlink component.
  • LoginDialog (Screenshots)
    A login dialog based on SwingX/JXLoginDialog.
  • MonthView (Screenshots)
    A calendar component which displays a month calendar. Can be used to select a day or range of days. SwingX/JXMonthView component.
  • MultiLevelBar (Screenshots)
    A bar component which can be used to display multiple levels.
  • PasswordField (Screenshots)
    A password field with prompt support and the ability to add leading and trailing components within the text area.
  • Preferences Panel (Screenshots)
    A panel which can be used for preferences - JYPreferencesPanel.
  • Property Table (Screenshots)
    A specialized JTable with two columns to display key/values pairs - JYPropertyTable.
  • Rotatable Button
    Left/Right rotatable button, including button icon - JYButton.
  • Rotatable Label
    Left/Right rotatable label, including label icon - JYLabel.
  • ScrollPaneMap (Screenshots)
    A map to simplify navigation on large scroll panels - JYScrollPaneMap.
  • Scrollable PopupMenu
    A scrollable popup menu - JYPopupMenu.
  • SearchField (Screenshots)
    A search field with prompt, search and clear button support.
  • SimpleDropDownButton (Screenshots)
    A single button including an arrow used to open a popup menu.
  • StatusBar (Screenshots)
    A StatusBar component for frames based on SwingX/JXStatusBar.
  • SwitchButton (Screenshots)
    A checkBox variant including a switchable On/Off text area.
  • SystemMonitor (Screenshots)
    A SystemMonitor component to display CPU and memory usage, including user-defined application informations.
  • Table (Screenshots)
    A Table component with multi-column sort, quick filter, row highlighting, context menu for visible columns and more features.
  • Table Renderers/Editors (Screenshots)
    A bunch of predefined table cell renderers and editors.
  • TabbedPane (Screenshots)
    Extended TabbedPane component with integrated tab close button, rotatable tabs, support for additional components within the tab area and more features - JYTabbedPane.
  • TaskPane (Screenshots)
    A TaskPane used as collapsible container for other components based on SwingX/JXTaskPane.
  • TextField (Screenshots)
    A text field with prompt support and the ability to add leading and trailing components within the text area.
  • TipOfTheDay (Screenshots)
    A Tip of the day component based on SwingX/JXTipOfTheDay.
  • TitledPanel (Screenshots)
    A panel with a title and a content region based on SwingX/JXTitledPanel.
  • TitledSeparator (Screenshots)
    A separator which can be decorated with icon and title based on SwingX/JXTitledSeparator.
  • TreeTable (Screenshots)
    A TreeTable component is a specialized table consisting of a single column in which to display hierarchical data, and any number of other columns in which to display regular data. SwingX/JXTreeTable component.
  • XMenu (Screenshots)
    XMenuBar, XMenu, XSubmenu, XMenuItem can be used to create toplevel menus with a collapsible horizontal content area.
  • IconLibrary
    Icon library with around 7,000 font based scalable icons (V3).