V3.5.1, 03/29/2024 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • JYTaskPane - title pane now gets the focus by default if clicked with mouse
  • JYCheckBoxTree - new method to enable/disable double-clicks on checkboxes
  • New class SyntheticaPopupMenuBorder - for third parties to emulate Synthetica's border for popup menus
Fixed bugs
  • JYTable - disabling column reorder is not applied to filter row

V1.15.1, 03/29/2024 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New class SyntheticaPopupMenuBorder - for third parties to emulate Synthetica's border for popup menus
Fixed bugs
  • JYTable - disabling column reorder is not applied to filter row

V3.5.0, 03/31/2023 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • StatusBar - improved third party support
  • JYComboBox - improved compatibility to JComboBox
  • JYTable - new table client properties to control header/filter popup
  • Shrinked download package

V1.15.0, 03/31/2023 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • StatusBar - improved third party support
  • JYComboBox - improved compatibility to JComboBox

V3.4.2, 06/28/2022 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • JYTable - improved customizability of column filters

V3.4.1, 02/03/2022 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • JYTable - new UI-property to include filter for hidden columns "JYTable.filter.includeHiddenColumns"
  • Reduced library size
Fixed bugs
  • JYTable - in case a range filter is selected the clear button does not clear the 'to' field
  • JYComboBox - incorrect text color on some themes if an item makes use of HTML code

V3.4.0, 05/17/2021 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • SimpleDropDownButton - improved state support
  • DropDownButton - improved state support
  • JYTaskPane - improved customization possibilities of content panel
  • Updated theme extensions - SyntheticaPlainAddon, SyntheticaDarkAddon, SyntheticaSimple2DAddon
Fixed bugs
  • JYComboBox - IndexOutOfBoundsException under some rare circumstances
  • JYTable - unwanted entry in the column control popup when table filter row is disabled
  • SystemMonitor - sometimes CPU utilization exceeds 100%

V1.14.0, 05/17/2021 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • SimpleDropDownButton - improved state support
  • DropDownButton - improved state support
  • JYTaskPane - improved customization possibilities of content panel
  • New theme extension - SyntheticaDarkAddon, backport of V3
  • Updated theme extension - SyntheticaPlainAddon
Fixed bugs
  • JYComboBox - IndexOutOfBoundsException under some rare circumstances
  • SystemMonitor - sometimes CPU utilization exceeds 100%

V3.3.1, 01/30/2020 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • JYTable - improved column filter customization

V3.3.0, 08/08/2019 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Improved generics for JYComboBox
  • New JYComboBox methods to improve support for adding combo boxes dynamically
  • Updated API Doc
Fixed bugs
  • JYSwitchButton - NPE in conjunction with #setHideActionText(true)
  • JYMonthView - NPE when the Windows Look and Feel is set

V1.13.0, 08/08/2019 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New JYComboBox methods to improve support for adding combo boxes dynamically
Fixed bugs
  • JYSwitchButton - NPE in conjunction with #setHideActionText(true)
  • JYMonthView - NPE when the Windows Look and Feel is set

V3.2.0/V1.12.3, 10/10/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Java 11 support
  • V3 - SwingX is provided as real module since V3.2.0
Fixed bugs
  • JYLabel - rotated label text appears shifted by some pixel (Java 11 only)
  • JYButton - rotated button text appears shifted by some pixel (Java 11 only)
  • JYCheckBoxTree - NPE under some rare circumstances
  • JYDocking V3 - undock button state is not updated under some cirumstances
  • JYDocking V3 - restore of a floating window can fail under some cirumstances

V3.1.0, 07/11/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • JYDateComboBox - new control, mainly a replacement for DateComboBox with enhanced features
  • ComboBoxMonthView - JXMonthView optimized for the use as JYComboBox popup
  • MonthView control - improved scaling support
  • Updated SwingX library

V3.0.1, 04/19/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • ClassNotFoundException with Java 10 on OSX.

V1.12.2, 04/17/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • ClassNotFoundException with Java 10 on OSX.

V3.0.0, 11/30/2017 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • High-resolution support
  • Scalability support
  • JPMS support
  • Icon library with around 7,000 font based scalable icons
  • Theme extension for Synthetica's new dark theme
  • JYDocking - support to minimize/maximize dockables within a floating window
  • JYDocking - support to dynamically add a dockable to a maximized/minimized dockable
  • JYDocking - convenient method DockingManager#getWindow(IDockable) to get the window of a dockable
  • Updated SwingX library
  • Java 9 support

V1.12.1, 10/17/2017 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • JYTabbedPane - NPE under some rare cirumstances.

V1.12.0, 09/29/2017 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Java 9 support.
Fixed bugs
  • JYTabbedPane - IndexOutOfBoundsException on external remove of last tab.
  • JYSearchField - NPE when AutoSearch-Mode is enabled under some rare circumstances.

V1.11.0, 02/28/2017 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • DateComboBox, MonthView - foreground, background color support on mouse over.
  • JYTabbedPane - improved preview alogrythm for tab overview.
  • JYTabbedPane - improved focus handling.
  • JYTabbedPane - improved button factory customizability.
  • JYComboBox - improved customization of ColorPopupPanel by providing new method insertComponentAt(Component, int).
  • JYDocking - support for adding dockables to a floating dockable.
  • JYSearchField - improved button factory customizability.
  • Updated SwingX library.
Fixed bugs
  • JYDocking - NPE on mouse drag operation under some rare circumstances.

V1.10.1, 03/17/2016 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • JYCheckBoxList - added optional CheckBoxSelectionModel to support an optional selection order.
Fixed bugs
  • JYPreferencesPanel - default name for content panel is incorrect.
  • DateComboBox - NPE in DateComboBoxMonthView under some pretty rare conditions.
  • JYDocking persistence - restoring floating doackables fails under some circumstances.
  • JYCheckBoxTree - a drag and drop operation on a CheckBox can invalidate the model state.

V1.10.0, 06/25/2015 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Support of the new SyntheticaPlain theme.
  • New component JYPasswordField - provides all features of the JYTextField for a password field.
  • New highlighter class (ColorTextHighlighter) to simplify foreground/background setting mainly for label based cell renderer.
  • JYComboBox - improved color alpha value support for ColorPopupPanel, ColorComboBoxRenderer and ColorComboBoxEditor.
  • JYDocking - added selected state support for the content border.
  • DateComboBox - improved MonthView customizaion for using Highligthers.
  • JYTabbedPane - new method to modify child opacity at once JYTabbedPane#setAllNonOpaque().
  • XMenu - improved customization support of the XMenu content area.
  • Updated SwingX library.
Fixed bugs
  • JYCheckBoxTree - wrong foreground color on drag and drop operations under some circumstances.
  • JYDocking - NPE while dragging under some rare circumstances.
  • JYTabbedPane - when tab overview is enabled tab controls are always visible.
  • JXPanel/SwingX 1.6.5 - use of JXPanel based components can result in window flickering on resize (Java 8 only).

V1.9.1, 09/09/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Fixed bugs
  • ToolBar - visibility property of child components is ignored.
  • JYTabbedPane - bold tab text for selected tabs does not appear for some themes under some cirumstances.
  • JYCheckBox, JYCheckBoxTree - ClassNotFoundException can occur when the BlackEye theme is used.

V1.9.0, 05/08/2014 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • New component JYScrollPaneMap which is pretty useful for large scrollpane views - will be installed in a JScrollPane corner.
  • JYTabbedPane - tab preview when mouse is over a tab, JYTabbedPane#setTabPreviewOnHoverEnabled(boolean).
  • JYTabbedPane - a new tab overview dialog with preview and selection/close mode for all available tabs, JYTabbedPane#setTabOverviewEnabled(boolean).
  • JYTabbedPane - foreground color support for the tab hover state.
  • JYTable - new DateTimeFilter to support filtering by date and time value.
  • JYTaskPane - improved content pane background styling support.
  • JYCheckBox - consistent half selected mode style across all themes.
  • RectangularButton style support for ButtonBar buttons (BlackEye theme).
  • AboutDialog - new method to define the dialog size - see #setDialogSize(Dimension size).
  • Locale support for Spain.
  • Updated SwingX library.
Fixed bugs
  • JYTabbedPane - memory leak in conjunction with #setComponentAt(int index, Component c)

V1.8.3, 12/06/2013 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Recompiled for being binary compatible with Synthetica V2.18.

V1.8.2, 06/27/2013 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • DetailsDialog - improved support to access dialog buttons.
Fixed bugs
  • JYTextField - prompt text doesn't respect custom font setting.
  • JYTabbedPane - setting the tab selection index to -1 causes an exception.
  • JYCheckBoxTree - NPE when UI-Property "CheckBox.icon" is null.
  • JYSwitchButton - NPE in conjunction with system look and feel.

V1.8.1, 03/14/2013 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Minor performance improvements on component initialization.
  • StatusBar - new client property "Synthetica.isRootStatusBar" to support multiple statusbar instances per window (default is TRUE).
Fixed bugs
  • JYTable - table content isn't updated when filter rule is changed.
  • DateComboBox - baseline issue for custom fonts.

V1.8.0, 03/07/2013 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • Support for SyntheticaBlueLight theme.
  • New components for toplevel menus with a collapsible horizontal content area - XMenuBar, XMenu, XSubmenu, XMenuItem.
  • New simple layout manager to layout components horizontally - HorizontalLayout.
  • JYTaskPane - new UI-property to collapse on mousePressed instead of mouseClicked.
  • TaskPaneContainer - new UI-properties to set opacity and imagepainter stretch policy.
  • DropDownButton - added hover and pressed state support for arrow icon.
  • SimpleDropDownButton - added hover and pressed state support for arrow icon.
  • ToolBar - added hover and pressed state support for arrow icon.
  • SwitchButton - new UI-property to specify alpha value for disabled switch text.
  • Updated SwingX library (V1.6.5-1).
Fixed bugs
  • JYTabbedPane - wrong calculated preferred size under some circumstances.
  • DateComboBox - getDate() returns null when current date is entered by keyboard.

V1.7.1, 09/18/2012 (MM/DD/YYYY)
New features
  • JYTabbedPane - the scroll buttons got double-click support to scroll to the first/last tab.
  • JYSwitchButton - to improve alignment the left/right default border space for the BlackEye theme was decreased.
    Fixed bugs
    • DropDownButton - under some circumstances a stack overflow exception is thrown by determining the preferred size.

    V1.7.0, 04/30/2012 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
  • SyntheticaAluOxide theme support.
  • JYDocking - support to specify a custom docking strategy for floating windows.
  • JYDocking - new UI-property to define the default splitpane divider size (see DockingStrategy).
  • JYTabbedPane - new UI-property to modify close button placement within a tab (see BasicJYTabbedPaneUI).
  • JYSwitchButton - modified foreground color for disabled state (switch lables).
  • JYSwitchButton - new UI-property to support dynamic switch between ON/OFF foreground color.
  • StatusBar - new UI-property to disable visibility of the resize handle (see StatusBarPainter).
  • DateComboBox - new UI-properties to specify X/Y-offset for the date popup (see DateComboBoxPopup).
  • Improved customizability of JYTaskPane and TitledPane.
  • DropDownButton - new UI-properties to specify custom arrow icon and arrow icon gap.
  • DropDownButton - improved RTL support.
  • Updated SwingX library (V1.6.3).
    Fixed bugs
    • ToolBar - SimpleDropDownButton with JYPopupUpMenu isn't properly handled when toolbar shrinks.
    • DropDownButton - under some circumstances the popup appears when the main button is pressed.
    • JYTabbedPane - high CPU utilization in conjunction with internal frames under some rare circumstances.
    • JYCheckBoxTree - checkboxes can be selected by secondary mouse buttons.
    • JYDocking - CCE in conjunction with java.awt.TrayIcon.

    V1.6.3, 01/23/2012 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    Fixed bugs
    • JYTextField, JYSearchField, JYSwitchButton - for some themes default font style is bold.

    V1.6.2, 01/17/2012 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • NetBeans 7.1 support - updated plugin.
    • DetailsDialog - ESC-key binding support.
    • DateComboBox - improved baseline support.
    Fixed bugs
    • ToolBar - menu item selections for dropdown buttons are not properly applied under some cirumstances.

    V1.6.1, 11/17/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • JYComboBox - improved font popup customizability.
    Fixed bugs
    • JYTextField/JYSearchField - wrong default font size under rare circumstances in conjunction with custom themes.
    • JYTabbedPane - #setTabsEditable(true) does not work as expected.

    V1.6.0, 11/08/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • JYTabbedPane - build in plus button support to allow users to add new tabs.
    • JYTabbedPane - added support for editable tab titles.
    • JYTabbedPane - custom close button strategy support.
    • JYTabbedPane - tab history support to restore last selected tab on tab close.
    • JYTabbedPane - custom font and color support for HTML based tab titles.
    • JYTable - added support to specify initial column filter and value.
    • JYTable - improved filter model binding.
    • JYDocking - addded tab reorder support.
    • JYDocking - DockableFactory support to allow dynamic, persisted dockables being restored.
    • JYDocking - added support for persistent active and selected dockable states.
    • JYDocking - New UI-property to respect the minimum size of Dockables (JYDockingView) when resizing a region - "JYDocking.respectMinimumDockableSize" (false by default).
    • New Component JYTaskPane - improved customizability compared to JXTaskPane.
    • JYLabel - support for being editable on double click.
    • Updated DemoCenter application - new examples.
    • Updated TunesMockup demo.
    Fixed bugs
    • JYDocking - NPE under some rare circumstances.
    • JYTable - range and number filter fail under some circumstances.
    • JXHyperlink - font size is too large when a font scale factor is set.

    V1.5.1, 07/31/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    Fixed bugs
    • NetBeans Plugin - manifest file was invalid (caused by a build failure).
    • JYTabbedPane - wrong tab area insets when running on Java 7.
    • JYDocking - restoring a persisted, minimized view can cause an exception.

    V1.5.0, 07/11/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • NetBeans plugin to support the NetBeans platform components.
    • New component JYCheckBoxList - JList with selectable checkboxes.
    • DropDownButton - added support to specify a preferred popup menu position.
    • SimpleDropDownButton - added support to specify a preferred popup menu position.
    • JYDocking - added Escape key binding to abort a drag operation, improved focus handling.
    • AboutDialog - improved customizability allows you to add and remove tabs.
    • Additional predefined table cell renderer - TextFieldTableCellRenderer.
    • DemoCenter application update.
    Fixed bugs
    • JYDocking - under some circumstances restoring a persistent floating window will not appear when graphics configuration was changed.
    • JYDocking - size of a restored docking view can vary by some pixels.
    • AboutDialog - URL's won't open in browser when about text is set by #setAboutText(URL document)

    V1.4.1, 03/04/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • JYMenu - separator support and key binding for navigation.
    • JYTable - colorizable table header cells.
    • JYDocking - improved docking support for component dockables.
    • New demo application - SyntheticaTunes.
    • Updated DemoCenter.
    Fixed bugs
    • JYComboBox - color chooser of color popup panel has wrong parent component.
    • DirectoryChooser - a wrong directory can appear at the location comboBox when the home button is pressed.
    • JYTabbedPane - under some circumstances a tab is clipped when first tab is set invisible, minor memory leak.
    • JYDocking - drag preview border flickers sometimes, window can't be resized under some rare circumstances.

    V1.4.0, 02/11/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • New component - JYTable.
      • Multi column sort
      • Configurable sort arrow position
      • Quick row filter including predefined filter rules
      • Column resizer across table
      • Header popup menu accessable by right click
    • New component - JYFormattedTextField.
    • New component - JYFormattedSearchField.
    • New table renderer to support multi line cell content - MultiLineTableCellRenderer
    • Support for SyntheticaClassyLookAndFeel theme.
    • Synthetica font scaling support.
    • JYTabbedPane - new property to enable/disable tab rotation.
    • JYTextField/JYSearchField - improved compatibility with regular JTextField.
    • JYDocking - a bunch of new UI-properties to improve customization.
    • SimpleDropDownButton - added alt-down key binding to open popups.
    • SimpleDropDownButton - improved focus handling.
    • DropDownButton/SimpleDropDownButton - new, optional arrow UI-property key for toolbars.
    • ToolBar - new, optional arrow UI-property key.
    • Additional button style for the BlackEye theme (RectangularButton).
    • Improved RTL support.
    Fixed bugs
    • DateComboBoxRenderer - wrong style is used if DateComboBox is empty and non-editable.
    • JYSearchField - wrong popup X-position in RTL mode or if search button position is trailing.
    • DropDownButton - maximum size isn't properly calculated.
    • JYDocking - NPE when a maximized view is programmatically closed and restored.

    V1.3.1, 10/27/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • JYDocking - new DockingPort method to select tab by index.
    • Alt+Down key support for DateComboBox and JYSearchField.
    • Updated DemoCenter - new example applications.
    Fixed bugs
    • JYCheckBoxTree - Performance lack when a bunch of nodes is selected programmatically.
    • JXMonthView - Selection interval isn't displayed.
    • JYDocking - DockingPort#setTabPlacement() isn't applied to the related TabbedPane in an existing layout.

    V1.3.0, 09/30/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • New component JYComboBox - provides a resizable and customizable popup and comes along with some predefined popups for Color and Font selection including related renderers/editors.
    • New component JYPropertyTable - a specialized table for key/value based properties.
    • A bunch of predefined table cell renderers and editors for most common data types.
    • JYTabbedPane - new method to select and scroll to the selected tab in case that the selected tab is not visible (JYTabbedPane#setSelectedIndex(int index, boolean scrollToVisible)).
    • JYTextField, JYSearchField - added support to format and validate input/output.
    • JYCheckBoxTree - improved performance and visual pressed state support.
    • JYCheckBoxTree - improved customization, allows you to set your own CheckBox-SelectionModel.
    • JYDocking - improved dragging behavior in case that an unexpected event occurs while dragging, e.g. a modal window appears.
    • JXHyperlink - added UI-property support for clicked/unclicked foreground color.
    • Updated SwingX libraries.
    Fixed bugs
    • Checkboxes of JYCheckBoxTree can be selected even if tree is disabled.
    • JXHyperlink - text disappears if a background color is specified.
    • JYTabbedPane - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException under some rare circumstances.

    V1.2.1, 06/21/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • JYDocking - new UI-properties to improve floating windows.
    Fixed bugs
    • JYSwitchButton - exception in conjunction with BlackEye theme.
    • DateComboBox - artifacts whan appear when monthview has year selector (depends on used theme).

    V1.2.0, 06/17/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • New component JYSearchField with prompt, search and clear button support.
    • New component JYTextField with prompt support and the ability to add leading and trailing components within the text area.
    • New component JYCheckBox - an extended JCheckBox with half selected state support.
    • New component JYCheckBoxTree - a JTree based component which allows selection by checkbox including half selected state support.
    • New component JYSwitchButton - a checkBox variant with a switchable On/Off text area.
    • JYDocking - added stream support for restore/store operations (IPerspectiveManager).
    • JYDocking - new method which allows you to define your own docking rules (IDockable, IDockableAcceptor).
    • DateComboBox - time selection support.
    • DateComboBox - year selection support by spinner within popup.
    Fixed bugs
    • Memory leak in DropDownButton component.

    V1.1.0, 03/18/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • JYTabbedPane - visibility support for tabs.
    • JYTabbedPane - overlapping tab side for negative tab gaps can be specified.
    • JYTabbedPane - new UI-property to force icon space within popupMenu even if no tab icon is set (see BasicJYTabbedPaneUI).
    • JYTabbedPane - new UI-property to avoid cropped tabs (see BasicJYTabbedPaneUI).
    • SwingX 1.6 support
    Fixed bugs
    • JYLabel/JYButton - configured Synthetica font isn't respected.
    • JYTabbedPane - wrong child component size under some rare cirumstances.
    • Toolbar - disabled dropDownButtons will be converted to enabled menus when toolbar width isn't large enough to display all components.

    V1.0.0, 11/30/2009 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • New panel component for preferences - JYPreferencesPanel.
    • AboutDialog - improved HTML image support (URL base).
    Fixed bugs
    • JYTabbedPane - tab icons which appear in the popupMenu won't become resized if size exceeds 16x16.
    • JYDocking - components can disappear when dragged out of a TabbedPane (Java 1.5 only).

    V0.9.9, 10/09/2009 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • New TabbedPane component - JYTabbedPane.
      • support for adding leading/trailing components beside the tabs (within tabPanel area)
      • integrated tab close button support
      • popup button for hidden tabs - useful for quick navigation
      • rotated tabs for left/right tab placement
      • tab gap support - including negative values for overlapping tabs
      • tab reorder support by dragging
      • mouse scroll wheel support
      • tab scroll animation
      • configurable tab controls position
      • configurable minimum and maximum tab size
      • stretched tab size support
      • colorizeable tabs
    • New Docking Framework - JYDocking (based on Flexdock).
    • New, rotatable Button component - JYButton.
    • New, rotatable Label component - JYLabel.
    • New, scrollable PopupMenu component - JYPopupMenu, JYMenu.
    • New JXTaskPane/JXTaskPaneContainer UI-Properties to improve customizability.
    • Updated style for DropDownButtons.
    • Added support for empty DateComboBox.
    • Helper method to open an URL in a browser (see SyntheticaAddonsUtilities).
    • Updated SwingX library (based on SwingX 1.0).

    V0.9.9 Beta 3, 06/05/2009 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • Updated SwingX library (based on SwingX 1.0).
    Fixed bugs
    • DropDownButton: Preferred size isn't respected under some cirumstances.
    • JXTitledPanel: NPE on LAF switch if border is customized.

    V0.9.8, 12/02/2008 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    New features
    • Added support for Synthetica's Simple2D Look and Feel.
    • New shrinkable ToolBar component which provides an additional arrow button (with popup menu) when tool bar size becomes too small to display all child components.
    • DropDownButton and SimpleDropDownButton refactorings.
    • Improved table renderer (TextAreaTableCellRenderer).
    • Updated SwingX library (based on SwingX 0.9.4).
    Fixed bugs
    • StatusBar: Painting artifacts under some circumstances with Simple2D theme.
    • JXTaskPane: Wrong title pane height if icon height exceeds 20 pixels.
    • DateComboBox/SyntheticaComboBoxUI: Border will be painted twice.
    • DirectoryChooser: NPE when renaming a directory.

    V0.9.7, 06/17/2008
    New features
    • Improved support for JIDE components (use latest JIDE release V2.2.8).
    • Added additional docking icons.
    For JIDE customers
    • Please use the latest SyntheticaAddons (V0.9.7 or above) and JIDE (V2.2.8 or above) release!
    • For proper work the latest Synthetica (V2.2.7 or above) package is needed.

    V0.9.6, 05/28/2008
    New features
    • New BorderBar component for grouping buttons.
    • Updated SwingX library.
    Fixed bugs
    • Exception when JXStatusBar is used within a JInternalFrame.
    Important SwingX changes
    • org.jdesktop.swingx.JXLoginPanel renamed to JXLoginPane
    • org.jdesktop.swingx.calendar.JXMonthView moved to org.jdesktop.swingx.JXMonthView
    • org.jdesktop.swingx.JXDatePickerFormatter moved and renamed to org.jdesktop.swingx.calendar.DatePickerFormatter.

    V0.9.5, 09/11/2007
    New features
    • Added support for Synthetica's WhiteVision Look and Feel.
    • New component called SystemMonitor to display CPU usage, memory usage or user-defined application informations.
    • New component called SimpleDropDownButton - a button with an arrow icon to open a popupMenu.
    • Added support for JXGroupableTableHeader.
    • SyntheticaOffice demo source code (for licensees).
    • Updated SwingX library.
    Fixed bugs
    • Flexdock title font settings will be ignored.
    • Flexdock titles won't get cropped if title is too long.

    V0.9.4, 05/17/2007
    Fixed bugs
    • SimpleDockbarManager throws exception for windows with non BorderLayout.

    V0.9.3, 05/11/2007
    New features
    • Support for Synthetica's SkyMetallic Look and Feel.
    • Support for the components JXTitledPanel and JXHeader.
    • New DockbarManager with BorderLayout support to avoid the use of Toolbar/Statusbar regions.
    • New PinAction to allow specifying which Dockbar is used for view minimization.
    • Improved locale support for AboutDialog/DetailsDialog.
    • Background image support for MonthView month.
    • Updated SwingX and Flexdock libraries.
    Fixed bugs
    • Hyperlink: Text color does not represent disabled state.

    V0.9.2, 03/09/2007
    New features
    • Support for Synthetica's MauveMetallic Look and Feel.
    • Support for Windows and Metal Look and Feel.
    • Support for JXHyperlink, JXMonthView, JXTable, JXTreeTable components.
    • New ExtendedFileChooser component to bring file operation capabilities to Windows and Metal Look and Feel.
    • Updated SwingX and Flexdock libraries.
    • Updated DemoCenter - application to demonstrate and explain basic component usage.
    • Improved LAF switch support.
    • Added #setDate methods to DateComboBox.
    Fixed bugs
    • DropDownButton: Click on the arrow button does not close the menu.

    V0.9.1, 01/10/2007
    New features
    • Additional components: DirectoryChooser, DetailsDialog, AboutDialog, MultiLevelBar.
    • Added support for Synthetica's OrangeMetallic Look and Feel.
    • Updated flexdock docking framework.
    • Shrinked library file size (45%).
    • StatusBar now supports separate style for separators.
    • Updated demo application.
    Fixed bugs
    • DateComboBox: Bold font is used for dates with some themes.
    • TaskPane: Bold font is used for hyperlinks with some themes.

    V0.9.0, 05/31/2006
    New features
    • First pre-release.