Frequently Asked Questions



1. Which libraries do I have to distribute together with my application?
You need synthetica.jar, syntheticaAddons.jar, swingx.jar, jywidgets.jar and the theme libraries for each supported theme (i.e. for the BlackEye-theme syntheticaBlackEye.jar and syntheticaBlackEyeAddon.jar). When your application makes use of the docking framework you additionally have to distribute jydocking.jar. When using JYTable you additionally have to distribute jytable.jar.

For your convenience the full download comes along with a library called syntheticaAddonsWithThemes.jar. You can use the library instead of syntheticaAddons.jar and synthetica[theme]Addon.jar. The lib already contains the addon extensions for each theme. By using syntheticaAddonsWithThemes.jar you don't have to put the synthetica[theme]Addon.jar libs on the classpath.
2. Which SwingX library do I have to use?
Generally it's recommended to use the swingx-1.X.X.jar if you are on Java 6 or above. In case that you have to support Java 5 too, use swingx.jar.
3. Where can I find supported UI-properties?
Supported UI-properties are part of the API-Doc - see related UI-delegate and painter classes.
4. How to install the NetBeans plugin?
The article Synthetica + NetBeans RCP provides a detailed description how to do.


1. How can I specify which dockbar will be used when a view becomes minimized?
By default the dockbar for minimization will be automatically determined. You can also specify the used dockbar by passing the placement to the MinimizeAction - see example below.
      view.addAction(new DefaultMinimizeAction(view, DockingManager.LEFT));


1. What are the system requirements for JYTable?
JYTable requires Java 6 or above. Additionally you have to use swingx-1.6.X.jar - swingx.jar doesn't support the JYTable features.